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October 2015 Archives

Children living with grandparents post-divorce

Going through a divorce with children can often lead to different family dynamics. For many divorcing couples in New Mexico, this means developing a co-parenting plan or obtaining sole custody of the children. However, some parents might not be able to maintain physical custody of their children. In some case, grandparents step in and obtain custody of grandchildren.

Helping New Mexico spouses through a military divorce

Being married to a spouse that is in the armed forces can sometimes add some complications to the relationship that people in civilian marriages do not encounter. And while some New Mexico couples are able to overcome these marital problems, others decide it is best to end their union. While much of the divorce process is the same for civilian and military couples, there are several important aspects that spouses will need to carefully consider when going through a military divorce.

What military benefits are available when divorcing a veteran?

There are various factors that can lead to a complicated divorce. For those going through a military divorce, there are often additional and even complex issues to sort through when compared to a civilian dissolution. While state laws govern how New Mexico divorces are handled and how assets and property are divided, federal laws grant state courts the ability to divide military benefits so long as the specific standards of these benefits are met. This is true for spouses divorcing an active military service member or a veteran.

Understanding the child custody determination process

When children are involved in the divorce process, parents are required to make difficult decisions. One of the hardest realities a parent might have to face is losing time with his or her child. Even when parents are able to reach a fair and agreeable joint custody arrangement, it can be a very emotional experience for everyone involved. Additionally, it can be difficult to acclimate to the new parenting plan because a parent who is used to being around his or her child full-time might only have their child 50 percent of the time, or even less.

Alimony determined by prenup in Kaley Cuoco's divorce

While the divorce process often brings many concerns for each spouse, the financial well-being of both parties following dissolution is frequently addressed. Because of that, divorcing spouses will consider whether spousal support will be necessary in their post-divorce life. While it is common to request alimony once the process has initiated, the issues concerning spousal support could have been determined even before the divorce. If the couple has a prenuptial agreement, it is possible to already have the terms of alimony spelled out.