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September 2015 Archives

What types of spousal support are available in New Mexico?

The divorce process is more than just ending a marital union between two individuals. It is a process that requires the spouses to make many decisions, and in some cases, these decisions are not easy or straightforward. Because a spouse might not be prepared for their new single life, he or she might prolong the process, seeking to keep many of the marital assets and property. While property division is an essential step to carefully work through, this part of the process also involves the financial capabilities of each spouse post-divorce. Because of that, spousal support might be requested and awarded.

Grandparents request visitation rights when stepparents adopt

Divorce often leads to many changes, and the post-divorce life for the spouses and their children can be very different from the life they knew during the marriage. Additionally, extended family members such as grandparents can be significantly impacted by the divorce. In some situations, a divorced parent might decide to get remarried, and have his or her new spouse adopt their child or children as a stepparent. In that process, the other biological parent relinquishes his or her parental obligations for the adoption to occur; however, this does not always end the grandparents' rights through that parent.

Protecting the visitation rights of grandparents

A divorce involving children often means taking into consideration the needs and best interests of the children involved. In many cases extended family members are also impacted and must be involved. With regard to the visitation of grandchildren by grandparents, many states, including New Mexico, recognize the rights afforded to grandparents regarding visitation and even custody of grandchildren. Because of this, some grandparents may have to invoke or act on these rights to better meet the needs of their grandchild.

What terms are considered valid in a premarital agreement?

Just like it is important to consider all the details of a marriage, it is also crucial for some couples intending to wed to consider the possibility of divorce. Planning the end of a marriage is in no way romantic, but today, there are several reasons why New Mexico couples would consider taking the steps to develop a premarital contract. However, in the event of a divorce, divorcing spouses might contend the terms of a premarital agreement during mediation or other divorce process. Because of this, it is important that spouses are aware of what is valid in these agreements.