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Joint child custody expected in Affleck and Garner divorce

Even when a couple can hold strong for over a decade and still remain friendly, this does not always prove the longevity of the marriage. While marital problems could present themselves early in the marriage as well as later, New Mexico couples should understand what divorce means to everyone involved in the situation. This is especially true if children are involved. It might be easy to determine that it is best for the couple to move forward with the divorce, but it is not always so easy for divorcing parents to establish child custody.

Recent media reports regarding the split and divorce announcement of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner shocked many. This year marked the couple's tenth year of marriage; however, this year also marked the couple's decision to end their decade long union. In a joint statement, Affleck and Garner stated that they reached this difficult decision after much thought and consideration.

The celebrity couple have three children together ages 9, 6 and 3. Reports indicate that the couple will not be filing divorce papers with the court until the two are able to work through their divorce issues, with the assistance of a mediator and business managers. With regard to child custody, the couple is expected to agree to a joint custody arrangement.

Because the divorce is amicable and they stated that they are moving forward with love and friendship for one another in the commitment to co-parent their three children, a joint custody arrangement is most likely in the best interests of the children.

The divorce process can change the dynamics of the situation due to emotions and disagreements, which could impact the ability of divorcing parents to work together or collaborate. This could greatly change the intentions for a custody arrangement or the entire divorce agreement. Those dealing with this or other legal divorce issues should understand ways that they can address and resolve them. This could help them avoid costly decisions or ones that could negatively impact the children involved.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce after 10 years of marriage," Christie D'zurilla, June 30, 2015

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