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July 2015 Archives

Promoting the best interests of the child in custody matters

Making major decisions regarding the care and upbringing of a child can be challenging for any parent in New Mexico or elsewhere in the nation. However, taking the steps to make decisions regarding child custody during a divorce can be exceptionally challenging and emotional. Our law firm understands that divorcing parents want to keep the best interests of their child in mind, but the complexity of marital dissolution can make it difficult to reach these needs, especially during a custody dispute.

Does virtual visitation satisfy child custody arrangements?

Spending quality time with children is often a priority for parents in New Mexico and elsewhere. While this is usually not a problem when the parents are married, when divorce occurs, parenting time is often constrained, resulting in unequal shared time. Although parents can agree to equal custody following divorce, certain circumstance could make the situation complex or difficult. If one parent needs to move to another town or relocate to another state or country for a job, this could make equal shared custody difficult to uphold. Thus parents might have to become creative with their long-distance visitation with their children.

Making modifications to a grandparent's visitation plan

Grandparents in New Mexico often experience being apart from their grandchild's life. Whether grandparents live close by, hours away or even in another state, ensuring that they are able to visit and spend quality time with their grandchild is important. When the parents of a grandchild are together, it is often easier to plan visitation time; however, if a divorce occurs, this could complicate the visitation plans for grandparents or even constrain any access to their grandchildren.

Joint child custody expected in Affleck and Garner divorce

Even when a couple can hold strong for over a decade and still remain friendly, this does not always prove the longevity of the marriage. While marital problems could present themselves early in the marriage as well as later, New Mexico couples should understand what divorce means to everyone involved in the situation. This is especially true if children are involved. It might be easy to determine that it is best for the couple to move forward with the divorce, but it is not always so easy for divorcing parents to establish child custody.

What is the role of the mediator in divorce mediation?

It might be difficult for some spouses to move forward with the divorce process. In some cases, reaching a final decision in court sounds terrifying and concerning. For some divorcing couples in the Albuquerque area, alternatives to litigation sound more appealing and could be a means to address the needs and concerns of each spouse. While numerous couples turn to this platform for the dissolution process and are successful with it, it is important to understand what it means to undergo this process and the role everyone serves.