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Understanding the unique process of military divorce

The dynamics of the military life are unique and usually never experienced by civilians. While both civilian and military couples in New Mexico encounter pitfalls, disputes and failings in their relationships, married military couples often encounter difficult situations such as frequent separations, several moves and exposure to high-risk situations. Although this is a common reality for married couples that have a spouse in the military, our law firm understands that these situations may not only lead to the end of the marriage but could also present some issues in the divorce process.

Whether it is due to the stress of the military lifestyle or a couple has just grown a part, our attorneys are aware of the personal, mental and emotional issues that could initiate the dissolution of a military marriage. While many of the steps taken in a military divorce are similar to those in a civilian divorce, military divorces present some unique and complex issues. Our law firm has the skills, knowledge and experience working with military couples going through a divorce.

A major difference between a military divorce and other divorces are the military benefits and rights afforded to a service member and his or her spouse through military laws. In some cases, this includes benefits such as medical, commissary, retired military pay and other similar benefits. In these matters, it is imperative that spouses pay close attention to these benefits and the process of dividing them. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about military laws and have helped past clients successfully obtain the assets and benefits that they sought.

In addition, dealing with child custody issues are often much different in a military divorce. Because the spouse in the military may be on active duty and deployed, this could create some issues and problems regarding a child custody agreement. Our law firm has helped divorce couples address these post-divorce problems, offering solutions such as a grandparent taking the child during the parent's parenting time.

Just like a civilian divorce, military divorce can present unique and complex issues. Those going through or considering a military divorce should understand the process. To learn more, check out our law firm's military divorce website. This could help spouses obtain general information about the situation, helping them to take timely and appropriate action.

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