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June 2015 Archives

Making the divorce mediation process successful

The emotional stress and fear of life changes often contribute to the complexities of ending a marriage. Divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere may not always consider the various options available to dissolve their union. While some spouses prefer the traditional route and litigate the dissolution, others choose alternative methods. Whether it is to promote collaboration, negotiation, speed up the process or save money, the divorce mediation process could be very rewarding for some divorcing couples seeking litigation alternatives.

Understanding the unique process of military divorce

The dynamics of the military life are unique and usually never experienced by civilians. While both civilian and military couples in New Mexico encounter pitfalls, disputes and failings in their relationships, married military couples often encounter difficult situations such as frequent separations, several moves and exposure to high-risk situations. Although this is a common reality for married couples that have a spouse in the military, our law firm understands that these situations may not only lead to the end of the marriage but could also present some issues in the divorce process.

Understanding retired military benefits for former spouses

Whether a civilian or a military couple, marital issues could present themselves for New Mexico couples. While there are methods to address divorce legal issues for both civilian and military couples seeking to dissolve their union, certain laws are designated for military service members with regards to their military benefits and what rights the person's former spouse has to these benefits.