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We can help guide clients through divorce mediation

When married couples in New Mexico determine it is best to end their union, it is inevitable that they will engage in a divorce process to reach a final divorce agreement. However, it can be challenging to initiate the process and work through dissolution. The law office of Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A. understands that divorce may not be a pleasant or easy experience to go through, but there are ways to help the divorcing couple approach the process the fairest way possible.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable with different divorce methods, helping clients to determine how to best meet their needs and wishes. For some, divorce mediation is the best way to achieve the goals of the spouses. While no one wishes for the divorce process to be complex, dragged out and filled with disputes, if it is clear that spouses generally have a mutual understanding, they may find that working with a mediator to work through their divorce issues is beneficial.

Mediation allows each spouse to put each divorce issue on the table. Spouses are able to negotiate a resolution while also making their thoughts and wishes known. The process could help promote spouses to work together on an outcome both parties agree with.

Divorce mediation has several advantages over traditional litigation. In most cases, it can offer a quick, inexpensive and fair route. Our attorneys have helped guide past clients through the divorce mediation process, helping them reach their goals of the process. That being said, this process is not for everyone. If mediation is not resulting in resolutions to divorce issues, litigating the divorce might better meet their needs.

No matter what method a divorcing couple decides on, it is important that both spouses are aware of their options. Our law firm's divorce mediation overview could provide general information about this process. Obtaining information about the various divorce processes could help spouses make timely and informed decisions regarding dissolution.

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