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Bobby Flay and estranged wife dispute over alimony and prenup

A high-asset divorce can quickly become a complex legal matter because so much is at stake when it comes to property division and spousal support issues. Couples in New Mexico should understand how to address the details and concerns arising from a complex dissolution.

The divorce of Bobby Flay and his estranged wife Stephanie March has been documented in the media recently. The rumors that have been circulating include extramarital affairs and a contested prenuptial agreement. However, the most recent and hotly contested point is March's claim that she should be credited for launching Flay's career, asserting her divorce settlement should reflect that.

Believing that she was instrumental to the success of Bobby Flay's restaurants, she is arguing that she is owed a much larger alimony award. According to the prenuptial agreement, March is entitled to a lump sum of $1 million as well as $5,000 per month in alimony payments. March seeks to have this agreement thrown out and is asking for more spousal support.

It is not clear how much she is seeking, but reports suggest that the couple is seeking to renegotiate their prenuptial agreement that was drafted over a decade ago and was never amended during their union.

No matter if a person is a celebrity or not, arguing the terms of a prenuptial agreement, appealing an alimony award and requesting more alimony could be a difficult matter. Spouses should understand the rights afforded to them as well as their options regarding spousal support. This could help divorcing couples resolve spousal support and other divorce legal issues.

Source:, "Bobby Flay Divorce: Stephanie March Takes Credit For Her Estranged Husband's Success," May 21, 2015

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