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May 2015 Archives

Bobby Flay and estranged wife dispute over alimony and prenup

A high-asset divorce can quickly become a complex legal matter because so much is at stake when it comes to property division and spousal support issues. Couples in New Mexico should understand how to address the details and concerns arising from a complex dissolution.

Do grandparents with visitation rights get certain notifications?

As many divorcing couples have experienced, the process to end a marriage often includes or impacts more than just the spouses dissolving their union. If the couple has children, they are impacted during and after the divorce and child custody process. Moreover, the parents of the spouses might experience negative effects because of their child's divorce, such as constrained access to their grandchildren. If a grandparent invokes their grandparents' rights and has gained visitation privileges, it is important that they are also aware of their rights to be notified about certain changes or decisions in the future regarding their grandchildren.

Visitation rights of grandparents and filing actions for rights

Divorce can impact more than just the spouses going through the process of dissolving their union. New Mexico couples understand that if children are involved, the divorce process as well as the aftermath of it could greatly impact their children's lives and relationships with family members. Moreover, the process could unintentionally harm extended family members such as grandparents. Divorce is an emotional process, and while parents are trying to navigate their post-divorce lives, they might forget about the needs or interests of their own parents.

We can help guide clients through divorce mediation

When married couples in New Mexico determine it is best to end their union, it is inevitable that they will engage in a divorce process to reach a final divorce agreement. However, it can be challenging to initiate the process and work through dissolution. The law office of Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A. understands that divorce may not be a pleasant or easy experience to go through, but there are ways to help the divorcing couple approach the process the fairest way possible.