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How can divorce mediation help spouse get a fair deal?

When couples in New Mexico make the decision to end their marriage, it might be difficult to imagine that they could finalize their divorce though a reasonable conversation. However, mediation is a divorce method that could help divorcing couples negotiate the terms of dissolution and reach a compromise. Moreover, for some couples, mediating a divorce could be very cost effective and help them avoid a lengthy, drawn out process that could be emotionally taxing.

How can divorce mediation help spouse get a good deal? Although the mediation process is all about compromising, there are ways that both spouses could reach their individual goals. The key to this is to understand your priorities and strategic advantages when seeking common ground in the process. This means choosing the right mediator and gathering up information regarding the details of one's marriage and finances. Moreover, even knowing when to show empathy at an opportune moment could boost the chances of a fair outcome.

Whether a couple decided on mediation on their own or the court required that they attempt to mediate their divorce prior to litigation, this process could help divorcing couples reach a resolution for all of their divorce legal issues. But both parties should know that this process is voluntarily. If it turns out that it does not work or was only helpful for some divorce issues, spouses could try other alternative divorce methods or litigate a resolution.

The divorce process could be very complex and emotional. Spouses might not be fully aware of all their options to resolve their divorce problems, so it is important that they learn more about their divorce options. This could help them take timely and appropriate action while also helping them reach a divorce agreement.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Five Strategies to Get a Better Deal in Mediation," Veronica Dagher, March 5, 2015

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