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Taking action to devise a custody plan and resolve custody issues

Parents often desire to spend quality time with their children, and when a divorce is imminent, the parenting time they are awarded in the dissolution is often at the forefront of their attention. Our law firm understands that reaching agreeable terms regarding child custody can be difficult for New Mexico parents. Divorcing parents should not only be aware of their rights and options but also what arrangements focus on the best interests of the children.

Whether a parent seeks primary or joint custody, our attorneys are knowledgeable of the various types of child custody arrangements that could meet the needs of a divorcing parent. Moreover, if an ex-spouse is seeking equal custody or even more parenting time than you, our lawyers understand the state rules of New Mexico that could help you seek the custody terms you desire.

Because child custody agreements impact the lives and upbringing of the children involved, courts will consider the best interests of the children when making a ruling on a child custody plan. Parents should also think about the long-term interest of their children when devising a custody plan or resolving a custody issue.

Our law firm is aware that the divorce process can be emotional and lead to other divorce issues. This is why our attorneys will work closely with parents in order to achieve an ideal and workable time sharing or child custody agreement, helping them to avoid disputes that could hurt or impede the process.

Whether you are seeking devise a custody plan, enforce a current one or modify a custody arrangement due to a substantial change in circumstances, divorcing and divorced parents should understand their rights and options. Our law firm's child custody arrangement overview could be a great starting point. This information could help New Mexico parents take action, protecting the needs and interests of their children.

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