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March 2015 Archives

Taking action to devise a custody plan and resolve custody issues

Parents often desire to spend quality time with their children, and when a divorce is imminent, the parenting time they are awarded in the dissolution is often at the forefront of their attention. Our law firm understands that reaching agreeable terms regarding child custody can be difficult for New Mexico parents. Divorcing parents should not only be aware of their rights and options but also what arrangements focus on the best interests of the children.

What is an alimony payment?

New Mexico residents going through a divorce are bound to face a number of financial changes after the divorce is final. If a couple has children, the non-custodial parent may have to make monthly child support payments. Someone going through a divorce may also have to re-structure his or her budget, because two incomes may be reduced to one. In addition, one spouse may also be required to make monthly alimony payments, as decided by the court or the divorcing couple.

How is a military divorce different than a civilian dissolution?

Military service members in New Mexico suffer from the same marital issues as civilians. While the details leading up to and concerning a military divorce between spouses are no more complex than those between civilian couples, there are additional requirements and special rules that apply to a military divorce. These differences could impact the process, filing requirements and how military benefits are divided. Because of this, it is important to understand these major differences.

When may a grandparent file a petition for visitation rights?

Divorce often brings many concerns. While much of them revolve around the spouses splitting and their children, there are other people that could factor into the situation. It is not uncommon for grandparents in New Mexico to become involved in dissolution, especially if it gets messy. Even if they intend to offer emotional and financial support to their child and grandchildren, grandparents also seek to protect their relationship with their grandchildren in the post-divorce life.