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February 2015 Archives

Benefits of including a mental health professional in a divorce

There are some problems that are difficult to navigate alone. With regards to divorce, this process could be challenging due to the complex nature of the situation, the emotions involved and the number of people that could be impacted by the decisions made during the process. Even if the spouses are able to collaborate and work through the process together, there could still be hurdles to overcome. Divorcing couples in New Mexico should consider the different types of tools and aids they could use whether they choose to go through litigation, mediation, collaboration or a combination of any of these methods.

Child custody enforcement and uniform laws

Parents in New Mexico have many concerns regarding their children. Even when parents divorce, the decisions made regarding custody and visitation can be difficult and cause them to have numerous questions. What if they want to modify the agreement? What happens if a parent is not complying with the order? What if a parents moves to another state? How is child custody enforcement applied in these matters?

What are the visitation privileges for New Mexico grandparents?

When parents in New Mexico divorce, it is not just the needs of the parents and the children that need to be considered. In most cases, grandparents are also impacted by dissolution. This is why they should be aware of their rights and options in case a messy divorce leads to a limited access to their grandchildren.

Requesting alimony during the divorce process

There are financial concerns at all phases of a relationship. When a couple gets married, during their marriage, when they have children and when they file for divorce, money is a major concern. Our law firm understands that there are many financial needs and concerns during and after the divorce process for New Mexico couples. A spouse might require more financial support to get through the divorce and for a duration after the split is finalized. Spouses going through a divorce should understand their options and rights regarding spousal support.