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January 2015 Archives

Different types of alimony that could be awarded in a divorce

The divorce process creates a situation that often includes disputes, emotions, changes and uncertainties. One major concern that divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere in the nation deal with is financial support in their post-divorce life. The fear of moving on and not being able to support him or herself following dissolution could become a real issue, which is why some spouses request alimony in the divorce proceedings.

Spousal support and possible tax implications

Finances and saving money are often on the mind of divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere in the country. It is not only the costs associated with the process and the property division phase that concern spouses, but also their post-divorce financial life. Not only will a spouse consider or request spousal support but will also question how taxes could impact the decisions they make during their dissolution.

How does divorce mediation benefit children?

Working through family law issues can be difficult for couples in New Mexico and elsewhere in the nation. When a family is going through the divorce process, there are often numerous decisions to be made. If children are involved, the choices made could greatly impact them. This is why it is crucial that divorcing parents understand their options and what steps they could take to reach a fair and amicable divorce settlement. In some matters, divorce mediation is the chosen method to work through their family law issues, especially when it concerns the well-being of a child.

Receiving or enforcing retired pay in a military divorce

Married couples who are members of the military sometimes encounter marital struggles. When a married military couple in New Mexico or elsewhere decides to dissolve their union, they may face certain challenges that civilian couples do not encounter. Specific laws outline the details of a military divorce and how certain benefits such as military retirement pay is awarded in a court order.

What are the rights of New Mexico grandparents in a divorce?

When couples in New Mexico divorce, there are often more than just the two spouses that are impacted in the process. This is especially true if children are involved. Not only do parents need to figure out a custody agreement and determine whether child support will be paid, they might also need to address issues regarding visitation rights for grandparents.