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December 2014 Archives

Understanding problems with alimony and possible solutions

Money is a common theme in disputes among married couples in New Mexico and elsewhere. It is also a common argument in the event of a divorce. When a spouse seeks a divorce, they might also seek alimony payments. While spousal support is often sought to fix financial issues, it could lead to bigger problems if it is not properly addressed and agreed to.

Considering divorce mediation when a family business is involved

Couples in New Mexico are well aware that disputes occur in a marriage as well as in the divorce process. Moreover, some couples will seek the aid of the court to decide the terms of their divorce settlement, while others might try to work through all the phases and decisions of the divorce through other means. The process that is commonly used is called divorce mediation and could be a useful step to include in dissolution if a family business is involved.

How can parents in a divorce develop a fair holiday schedule?

With the holidays fast approaching, families in New Mexico are rushing to get their plans all in order. While this iconic time of year often means spending time with family, divorce parents are often left spending the holidays in a much different way. The holiday schedule is often dictated by a child custody order, and while some parents may not entirely agree with it, others are able to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship and get through the holidays without many, if any, disputes. There are a few steps divorced parents could take to help ensure a joyful holiday experience.

Military divorce and the rights of service members' ex-spouses

Couples in New Mexico are aware that service members of the military go through the same ups and downs any other couple goes through. While separation and divorce are a real possibility when a spouse serves in the military, it is important to understand that the process and steps involved in a military divorce are different than those in a traditional dissolution.