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November 2014 Archives

Divorce and grandparents' visitation rights of grandchildren

While many people in New Mexico understand that the divorce process is extremely challenging for the spouses involved, the process has the tendency to affect other parties as well. This is especially true when children are involved. Extended family members such as grandparents not only offer help and support for their adult children, but may also seek to be there for their grandchildren as well. Although they mean well, this could create some tension and some disputes, which could lead to some invoking their grandparents' rights.

Requesting transitional or rehabilitative alimony

It is not uncommon for divorcing couples to seek spousal support in the event of the divorce. While in some cases a spouse will not be about to support themselves immediately after dissolution, this does not require that support payments must last forever after divorce. Instead, in many cases, transitional alimony is awarded. This is a form of rehabilitative alimony, and divorcing couples in New Mexico could utilize this form of alimony to help their ex-spouse get back on their feet after they reach a divorce settlement.

Steps to prepare for divorce mediation

The divorce process does not often include many incidents of agreement, or at least many couples do not thing it is possible to end a marriage in a fair, civil and rational manner. When spouses in New Mexico seek to dissolve their union in the most effective way, some might consider divorce mediation, especially if they seek alternatives to litigation and are able to communicate well with their soon-to-be ex. While there are various options couples could consider to finalize their divorce, those considering divorce mediation should understand the steps involved in the process in order to establish whether it is a good fit for them.

Benefits of divorce mediation in New Mexico

Deciding to end a marriage is a major decision for any couple in New Mexico. Even in matters when both spouses mutually agree to end their union, the divorce process could still involve complications and disputes. Our law firm understands that it is often an emotional time for those going through dissolution, even when they seek an amicable divorce. Understanding ways to get through the process effectively is important, and spouses should be aware of the options available them beyond litigation.