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Addressing the issues involved in a military divorce

The decision to end a marriage is difficult for anyone no matter the length of the marriage. Our firm understands that additional issues present themselves in a military divorce, and divorcing couples in New Mexico should understand how to address these issues. When a spouse or both spouses are a member of the military, various issues could prolong the process or create a complex issues due to disputes, location of the spouses and even deployment.

The stress of the situation often makes dissolution a very emotional event. This could make it more challenging to navigate the process, and our attorneys are knowledgeable about the obstacles a military divorce could present.

A unique challenge that military divorces bring to the table is active duty. This presents difficulties regarding the location and timing of the process. In addition, it could create problems regarding child custody. In some cases, a child custody arrangement could be in place, and the parents of the spouse that is deployed would take over their parenting time while they are gone.

One major issue military divorces include is military benefits. During the property division process, the divorcing couple also needs to consider benefits such as medical, retirement, commissary and other similar military benefits. In this process, it is important that spouses pay attention to how these benefits are divided because it could be a major factor if alimony is being sought.

While the divorce process could be complex for those in the military, it is important to understand that there are ways to effectively address any divorce issues that present themselves. Our firm's military divorce overview could be a useful tool for those considering or currently going through divorce. This could help a spouse fully understand their options and how to overcome any pitfalls.

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