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October 2014 Archives

Child custody arrangements around the holidays

During the divorce process and following the divorce decree, parents in New Mexico often face issues related to their child or children. Even when an amicable child custody arrangement is put in place, certain events could occur that cause some parents to seek modification or a slight change in plans. Holidays could cause this, and even though parents might have a plan put in place to address these issues, when a holiday is approaching some might get into disputes, seeking more parenting time.

What guidelines are used in New Mexico to determine alimony?

When couples in New Mexico decide to end their marriage, they might question their rights in the divorce process as well as the guidelines imposed by the courts for certain decisions. Because it might be difficult to come to terms or an agreement on certain issues, using court guidelines could help the spouses reach a reasonable or amicable agreement. One major issue that could often lead to disputes during dissolution is alimony. Some couples will question how spousal support payments are awarded and how a certain amount is reached.

Addressing the issues involved in a military divorce

The decision to end a marriage is difficult for anyone no matter the length of the marriage. Our firm understands that additional issues present themselves in a military divorce, and divorcing couples in New Mexico should understand how to address these issues. When a spouse or both spouses are a member of the military, various issues could prolong the process or create a complex issues due to disputes, location of the spouses and even deployment.

Traditional child custody arrangements called into question

When parents in New Mexico decide to divorce, they are often faced with numerous serious decisions to make. This often creates a highly stressful and exhausting situation for everyone involved. While parents address issues concerning their children, their kids are just as impacted by these choices. The decisions concerning their children such as child support and custody might take some time to form an agreement. Even after an agreement is reached, issues concerning visitation and custody could still present themselves.

New Mexico divorce alternatives

The complexities of a divorce are often different from couple to couple. That being said, the same divorce method is not always effective for all divorcing spouses in New Mexico and states across the nation. It is often the emotions, goals, tone and the ability to communicate that will often shape the success of certain divorce methods. While litigation could be the most effective way some couples can reach a divorce settlement, alternative methods such as collaboration and divorce mediation can be better choices for others.