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September 2014 Archives

Understanding the factors that determine alimony payments

Navigating a life post-divorce can be challenging. Our firm understands that going through a divorce or dealing with post-divorce issues can be life changing for New Mexico couples. Leaving the comforts of a married life can be difficult, especially when an individual was financially secure due to their ex-spouse. In these situations, it is common to request alimony. Spousal support is often dependent on in the post-divorce life, especially when the newly single spouse is re-entering the work force.

Understanding the impacts of divorce and custody arrangements

Pain and emotions are often present in a divorce. This often makes it challenge to navigate through the process and move on with life post-divorce. For parents, the decisions they make during dissolution and post-divorce could affect their child or children greatly. With regards to child custody, how parents handle this arrangement could impact their child's wellbeing. Furthermore, it could lead to additional disputes and require modifications to the custody arrangement.

What makes a military divorce different?

Divorcing couples in New Mexico often face serious issues that could complicate or prolong the dissolution process. For those in the military, a divorce could be especially difficult. In a military divorce there are several factors involved in the process. Furthermore, the fact that service members might not be in the same state or even country of their spouse could further complicate the divorce process.

Understanding why some couples choose divorce mediation

For some couples dealing with marital problems, it is obvious that the end of the marriage is imminent. When married couples in New Mexico have an uncontested divorce, they may seek to go through the divorce process as civilly as possible. Even though some spouses are able to enter the dissolution process on good terms, this does not mean that they avoid complications, emotions and divorce issues. In some situations, a divorcing couple might consider certain divorce methods over the other due to their ability and schedule to work towards a divorce settlement.