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Understanding the issues involved in a military divorce

Those serving in the military often face numerous stresses related to their professional and personal life. Dealing with marital problems can be very difficult when a spouse or both spouses are in the military. Our firm understands that individuals in New Mexico going through dissolution while serving in the armed forces could present unique challenges. When a military spouse is deployed or is working or training in a different state, this could halt or delay the divorce process. Furthermore, there are various additional issues that need to be addressed that are not part of a traditional divorce, such as military benefits.

In general, going through a divorce is not an easy event even if the couple is civil and agreeable on most terms. The process usually includes emotions, life changes and possible dilemmas, but those in the military might encounter more challenges. For some, the fact that they are in the military could have triggered the divorce.

The stresses on a service member are much different than other careers -- therefore, some civilians may never face some of these issues. Citing a spouse's career in the military as a reason for dissolution could create a chain reaction of divorce issues. Furthermore, major family changes could occur if children are involved. The non-military spouse might seek financial support to help care for the person and the couple's children. In these cases, it is important to understand military benefits and whether or not an ex-spouse is entitled to them in a divorce.

Dealing with property division, child custody and financial support can be challenging when a military member is on active duty. Not being readily available to deal with these divorce issues in-person can be emotional. Because it is important to ensure their rights and interests are protected during dissolution, members of the military going through dissolution should understand their options.

Looking at our overview of military divorces could help put their situation in perspective. This will also assist them with making a rational decision when it comes to divorce issues. No matter the length of the marriage, whether or not children are involved or if both spouses are members of the military, a military divorce needs to be finalized properly in order to avoid future issues.

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