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August 2014 Archives

Understanding the issues involved in a military divorce

Those serving in the military often face numerous stresses related to their professional and personal life. Dealing with marital problems can be very difficult when a spouse or both spouses are in the military. Our firm understands that individuals in New Mexico going through dissolution while serving in the armed forces could present unique challenges. When a military spouse is deployed or is working or training in a different state, this could halt or delay the divorce process. Furthermore, there are various additional issues that need to be addressed that are not part of a traditional divorce, such as military benefits.

Child custody and support issues for non-custodial parents

The general role of a parent is understood, but when a divorce occurs, parent might struggle to maintain that role. This is especially true if their parenting time is constrained or limited. In some cases, a non-custodial parent has little access to their child or children. This could lead to additional issues that could seriously impact the parents and children involved. Parents in New Mexico understand the importance of developing a fair and amicable child custody arrangement, but in some situations, custody could affect other divorce issues such as child support.

What is divorce mediation?

Many couples in New Mexico face the difficulties of a failing marriage. For some, this means filing for divorce. Divorcing couples may not be aware of their divorce options, but using an alternative method of divorce settlement can be extremely beneficial. It could allow them to address all their divorce issues while avoiding the high costs of litigation. Spouses seeking a divorce should familiarize themselves with alternative divorce options such as mediation.

New Mexico bill prevents custody modification during deployment

The life of the men and women in the military can often be chaotic and stressful. Frequent travel, training and deployment can interfere in their normal life, especially if they have a family. Furthermore, the complications the military could bring to a marriage are often cited as the reasons for divorce. These complexities do not end when the marriage is dissolved and they often remain when children are involved. A military divorce can be a lengthy process and could be further complicated if there is a struggle reaching a child custody arrangement.