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Wife of "Bates Motel" star files for divorce and seeks alimony

For some residents in New Mexico, following the details of a celebrity relationship is a form of entertainment. In addition to the desire to know the ins and outs of their relationship, individuals may rely on public media outlets to help them know when trouble reaches their relationship. Even though it is in the public eye, a celebrity divorce is just like any other dissolution. Although, a high-profile divorce could mean complex property division as well as issues concerning assets and spousal support.

After three years of marriage, the "Bates Motel" actor, Michael Vartan, is going through a divorce. According to reports, his wife filed for divorce on her own and cited irreconcilable differences for the reason for dissolution. Court documents revealed that the couple separated in April, which was just three days shy of their three-year wedding anniversary.

The soon-to-be ex-wife of the former Alias star is seeking alimony in the divorce documents. It is not clear the amount she is seeking or the length of time the payments will last, but it is clear that she is fighting for spousal support in their divorce.

Whether a couple is wealthy or not, alimony could still be part of a divorce settlement. It is frequently used when one spouse was reliant on the other during the marriage. In order for that spouse to maintain the same lifestyle post-divorce, spousal support could help. Moreover, alimony is frequently used in cases where a spouse gave up their career or education in order to be a stay-at-home parent. The support payments would be used to get them back on track with their career or education following the divorce and would continue until they are able to provide for themselves.

A divorce could bring up various issues, and New Mexico couples going through the process should be aware of all the legal issues they need to address. If they cannot see eye-to-eye about some details such as alimony, the court might have to use the state guidelines in order to reach a reasonable solution.

Source: E Online, "Michael Vartan's Wife Files for Divorce After 3 Years of Marriage," Natalie Finn, July 16, 2014

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