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July 2014 Archives

Understanding the ups and downs of divorce mediation

When a couple establishes that a marriage is no longer working, they often consider their options. The seriousness of a failed relationship could lead to the discussion of divorce. Married couples in New Mexico and those across the nation often think about the legal fees associated with the process. This can be daunting and could lead to a very emotional and hostile situation, which could eventually lead to disputes. This has left divorcing couples attempting to resolve these issues by considering different divorce options.

Wife of "Bates Motel" star files for divorce and seeks alimony

For some residents in New Mexico, following the details of a celebrity relationship is a form of entertainment. In addition to the desire to know the ins and outs of their relationship, individuals may rely on public media outlets to help them know when trouble reaches their relationship. Even though it is in the public eye, a celebrity divorce is just like any other dissolution. Although, a high-profile divorce could mean complex property division as well as issues concerning assets and spousal support.

Woman extradited from England for child custody issues

The divorce process is rarely described as simple or easy, even though some couples encounter less divorce issues. When children are involved, divorcing parents often endure additional issues that some divorcing couples do not need to address, such as child custody and support. Establishing a fair and rational custody plan is not easily accomplished when other issues are plaguing the spouses. This could cause additional disputes and issues that could prevent an arrangement from being reached timely.

Taking precautionary measures during child custody disputes

During a stressful and life changing event, an individual might fail to take appropriate action. During dissolution, a divorcing spouse might be too caught up in the emotions the event caused. This could cause them to overlook important steps or decisions. When parents in New Mexico decide to file for divorce, there are several necessary steps they should take to ensure the children involved are not harmed by the possible spiteful or emotionally driven acts their soon-to-be ex-spouse might do. These precautionary steps could also help them avoid current and future child custody issues as well.

Invoking grandparents' rights during dissolution

Divorce can bring about various disputes for New Mexico parents going through the process. Moreover, even when a settlement has long been reached, parents could still endure family law issues regarding child custody and visitation. While it is common for parents to seek various forms of custody for their children or to modify their current arrangement, it is also common for other important people in the child's life to step in and fight for visitation.