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June 2014 Archives

Military mom seeks to pass law regarding custody issues

When parents determine that it is time to call it quits in a marriage, this could lead to numerous issues that need to be addressed. The decision-making process could be complicated and constrained when one or both parents are in the military. Child custody issues usually present themselves, especially when one parent is away for work or even on deployment. This could lead to disputes concerning their parental rights and parenting time.

Understanding tax implications involved with alimony

When a couple decides to part ways, there are numerous serious issues to consider. Ending a marriage is not a simple task, but some divorcing couples complicate matters more by not addressing all the necessary and critical components of dissolution. When establishing alimony, during the divorce process, for example, the spouses should consider the short-term and long-term affects of this arrangement.

Understanding the high rate of divorce for Air Force members

Some situations bring challenges to a marriage. These same challenges can often be the reason for divorce. For those in the armed forces, avoiding marital problems can be difficult, especially if a spouse is in deployment. This can be extremely difficult for a spouse and even children. For some, the distance could be the breaking point, but going through a divorce while a spouse is overseas could mean a very long and complex dissolution.

Remember to focus on the kids when co-parenting

Figuring out the best way to raise children after divorce can be a difficult decision for any New Mexico parent. For divorced couples who believe it is important for their children to spend adequate time with both parents, they may opt for a co-parenting route.