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Women paying alimony post-divorce

When marital problems ensue, married couples in New Mexico must determine what path to take. For some, the decision to divorce might be their best option. Once the plan to dissolve their union has been initiated, the divorcing couple must tackle several issues. This often means dividing assets and property while also establishing future finances. For some, this might mean requesting spousal support to help them post-divorce. This could mean short-term or long-term alimony being paid by the breadwinner in the divorcing couple.

Traditionally, males have been the ex-spouses that are frequently required to pay alimony after dissolution. The tables have recently turned and, now that more women are in high paying occupations, wives are becoming breadwinners in the marriage or family. Now that women have begun to pierce the glass ceiling, they are also beginning to pay alimony.

Just like their male counterparts, a woman could be responsible to contribute finances to an ex-spouse. If a spouse has sacrificed their career or education to become a stay at home parent or makes much less than their spouse, they could seek spousal support if the couple divorces. This financial support helps maintain the same lifestyle the spouse had during the marriage. Furthermore, it could provide them support until they are able to get back on their feet by either finishing school or job training.

When it comes to ending a marriage, disputes about finances could be frequent. If a divorcing couple is not able to come to an agreement, they might need to seek independent legal advice. This could help them reach a divorce settlement.

Source: Reuters, "Divorce courts mirror society as more women pay alimony," Patricia Reaney, May 10, 2014

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