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Program designed to help document custody and visitation

When parents in New Mexico decide it is time to call it quits that is only the beginning of the decision-making process that dissolution requires. Divorcing spouses need to construct a parenting plan that will entail all the facets of their child's life. This does not only include things like school, medical appointments and extracurricular activities but also includes time spent with other family members. The parents of the divorcing spouses will often seek visitation rights, and this can further complicate an already complex family law issue.

A single father developed Genesis -- a child custody manager -- after his visitation rights with his daughter were affected negatively by a court order. He sought a way that would help him document and keep records pertaining to child custody, visitation and child support. He was not able to find a platform that provided all the capabilities that he was seeking, so he developed his idea into a reality.

The program would have an auto-texting feature when a drop off or pick up occurs. Moreover, this program could include grandparents as well as others who have vested interests in the child or children. The one major thing the app offers is the ability to communicate with an ex-spouse in a more effective way, especially for those who are still unable to get along.

When communication is strained, this could create some disputes surrounding visitation. Creating a platform that would allow adequate communication among several persons could create flexibility while also serve the best interests of the child.

Determining an appropriate parenting plan is often challenging. It is important to set ground rules for family members when it comes to visiting the children. While the Genesis app is a tech-savvy method of establishing and tracking a visitation plan, proper legal guidance can assist in creating and fighting for a custody situation that is most beneficial to the child or children involved.

Source: The Good Men Project, "A Man Can Dream: A Child Custody Manager for Single and Separated Parents," Jon Vaughn, May 25, 2014

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