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New software promotes divorce mediation and reduces costs

When it comes to marital dissolution, married couples in New Mexico may have numerous concerns. Finances often control the process, but if a divorcing couple is not able to come to terms and reach an agreement, they could end up in a worsened financial condition. When a spouse files for divorce, they understand that the process could include many decisions and disagreements. If the couple does not take the proper approach, they could spend a lot of time and money attempting to reach a divorce settlement.

Divorcing couples often seek methods to reduce the costs associated with the process. Because divorce mediation is a common method that frequently achieves this initiative, a startup company that uses the same components of mediation in an online setting recently released a service.

The idea of this program, known as Wevorce, is not to support divorce but rather provide an opportunity for divorcing couples who are contemplating working together in the process. It is suggested that the couple utilize the software and then undergo mediation. The program itself does not deal with any legal issues but rather assists the couple with their property distribution and financial planning.

In addition to saving the divorcing couple money, this program seeks to reduce the stress involved in dissolution and promote collaboration. Moreover, the timeframe for this program is roughly 10 weeks, which is much shorter than the average divorce. Lastly, the company that created the program is seeking marriage professionals who could expand their mediation service to clientele across the nation.

The divorce process can be very complex and there isn't always an easy fix to get through these hurdles. It is important that both spouses understand their rights and options so that they can determine their best route. If a spouse is unsure, they should seek independent guidance to assist them with the process.

Source:, "'Conscious uncoupling' made easier online," Neal Augenstein, May 5, 2014

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