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May 2014 Archives

Program designed to help document custody and visitation

When parents in New Mexico decide it is time to call it quits that is only the beginning of the decision-making process that dissolution requires. Divorcing spouses need to construct a parenting plan that will entail all the facets of their child's life. This does not only include things like school, medical appointments and extracurricular activities but also includes time spent with other family members. The parents of the divorcing spouses will often seek visitation rights, and this can further complicate an already complex family law issue.

Understanding the facets of collaborative divorce

When conflict enters a marriage, couples might have to make a difficult decision regarding their union. For some, taking the step to part ways might be in their best interest, but initiating and working through the divorce process could lead to more conflict as the divorcing couple disputes over the details of dissolution. Divorcing couples in New Mexico, as well as other states across the nation, should understand that there are many approaches to getting through a divorce, and a collaborative divorce could provide them with a timely and amicable divorce.

Women paying alimony post-divorce

When marital problems ensue, married couples in New Mexico must determine what path to take. For some, the decision to divorce might be their best option. Once the plan to dissolve their union has been initiated, the divorcing couple must tackle several issues. This often means dividing assets and property while also establishing future finances. For some, this might mean requesting spousal support to help them post-divorce. This could mean short-term or long-term alimony being paid by the breadwinner in the divorcing couple.

New software promotes divorce mediation and reduces costs

When it comes to marital dissolution, married couples in New Mexico may have numerous concerns. Finances often control the process, but if a divorcing couple is not able to come to terms and reach an agreement, they could end up in a worsened financial condition. When a spouse files for divorce, they understand that the process could include many decisions and disagreements. If the couple does not take the proper approach, they could spend a lot of time and money attempting to reach a divorce settlement.

High military divorce rate for those on deployment

No relationship is immune from disputes or problems. Military marriages can be especially difficult due to the stress of the spouses' occupations, relocation and deployment. When a military divorce occurs in New Mexico and in other states across the nation, the common issues regarding dissolution are present, but additional issues and factors could complicate and lengthen the process.