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February 2014 Archives

More households run by single dads than ever before 

The increase in the number of fathers heading up households is noteworthy in New Mexico and across the country. In 1960, just one percent of households with minor children were led by single dads. By 2011, that figure had risen to eight percent. Historically, the courts worked with laws that directed them to consider the "best interests of the child" in disputes over physical custody. In reality, this resulted in rulings in favor of mothers a significant proportion of the time. A perception of maternal bias on the part of the courts discouraged many fathers from even attempting to share physical custody or to seek sole custody.

A guide for parents on moving after a divorce

Parents of Albuquerque who have been through a divorce, or who are currently considering one, may exert a lot of effort to ensure the process is fair and comfortable to the children involved. A divorce or a custody arrangement can grow more complex when one of the parents decides to relocate, and the farther away they move, the more planning and arrangement it will take. These are known as move-away custody cases.

Support payments forces comedian to go on tour

Successful comedian John Cleese suggested in a recent interview that 'The Alimony Tour" was aptly named. New Mexico residents may have heard that, according to Mr. Cleese, he started the tour to keep up with spousal support payments to his former wife, a psychotherapist he had been married to for 16 years. The psychotherapist was his third wife, and the couple did not have any children together.