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Divorce mediation may help resolve "get" issues

Jewish people who live in New Mexico may be interested in how divorce mediation could help resolve issues concerning a "get," or Jewish divorce. Even though a civil divorce is acceptable in secular life, within some Jewish communities, a get is essential for either partner to date or remarry again. In some cases, people might trade custody or financial support in order to obtain a get from their reluctant partners.

Divorce mediation could be a viable alternative to going to court. If the religious community gives the man sole power in granting a get, he may be reluctant to cooperate. While going to court can be a public affair, divorce mediation is usually held in a low-key, safe environment where both partners can work out their grievances. In addition, divorce mediation might hold more options for the couple because they are creating their own resolutions to specific issues instead of relying on the courts to do so. Negotiations may open the path to grant a get, because breaking the imbalance of power may encourage both partners to come to an agreement in a private setting.

Orthodox Jewish women may feel pressured to shame their husbands into granting gets. They may turn to rabbinical courts, which let the entire community know the situation. However, such actions could have negative consequences, because public humiliation could encourage their husbands to dig their heels in further and refuse to resolve the issue.

Mediation may be a viable alternative to divorce court, especially for those living in communities in which more than a civil divorce is required. However, the process is becoming increasingly popular in mainstream culture because couples may prefer the relaxed atmosphere in which they can make their own decisions as opposed to unknown entities deciding for them.

Source: The Huffington Post, "5 Ways That Divorce Mediation Can Help Resolve the 'Get' Crisis", Morghan Leia Richardson, January 06, 2014

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