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January 2014 Archives

Shared parenting on the horizon

When couples in New Mexico and elsewhere around the country divorced, the norm was that the children stayed with the mother in the family home while dad moved to an apartment, made monthly child support payments and saw the kids every other weekend. Now, a growing number of advocates are arguing that shared child custody should be the norm. In some states, shared parenting may even become the law.

High-profile dispute reflects NM custody issues

Jon Gosselin, the former reality star, recently revealed that he intends to sue his ex-wife, Kate, for primary custody of their sextuplets. He told reporters that his plan is to file an emergency petition as soon as he is able to afford the attorney fees. This dispute between the former couple, who have been fighting since their divorce in 2009, sheds light on important aspects of New Mexico law regarding child custody cases.

Family ties can continue even after divorce

New Mexico residents in the midst of their own divorce, or contemplating initiating one in the near future, may find some interest in a recent article on the subject. It presents the opinions of two experts on divorce mediation and collaborative law who claim that few people pay heed to the important emotional considerations that may often influence and control the outcome of their divorce proceedings. They state that while a marriage may legally end, the surrounding family it created often continues even after the relationship between the couple is severed.

Divorce mediation may help resolve "get" issues

Jewish people who live in New Mexico may be interested in how divorce mediation could help resolve issues concerning a "get," or Jewish divorce. Even though a civil divorce is acceptable in secular life, within some Jewish communities, a get is essential for either partner to date or remarry again. In some cases, people might trade custody or financial support in order to obtain a get from their reluctant partners.

Ater kidnapping, fathers see sons again

New Mexico parents may be interested in the dramatic story of a custody battle involving a California woman and her two sons. The woman shared child custody with the boys' respective fathers and took them on an authorized vacation to Europe in the summer of 2012. An international search for her started when she failed to return when scheduled, and their fathers feared she had kidnapped the two boys.