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November 2013 Archives

Olympic skier Bode Miller in custody battle

Parents in New Mexico who are involved in child custody issues may be interested in a recent story involving Bode Miller, Olympic skier, who was ordered by a Manhattan court to hand over his 9-month-old son to the baby's mother. A California judge had formerly given Miller temporary custody of his child. That ruling was changed, however, when a court referee in New York granted custody to the infant's mother.

Gene flaw causes family fracture after criminal charges of abuse

New Mexico parents might be interested in the case of two parents accused of abusing their 3-month-old daughter after she continued to exhibit fractures. The reason for these fractures lay in a connective-tissue disorder, known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an often unheard-of disease that causes fractures due to a fragile underlying structure of the body. However, the genetic disease wasn't detected before the girl's father was charged with second-degree felony child abuse. For a time, he was kept away from his daughter except for two hours a week of court-supervised visitation.

Keeping the family pet after a divorce

New Mexico couples planning to divorce often are concerned about who will keep the family pets. Most states consider pets as personal property, and, depending upon the state in which people reside at the time they divorce, they may be considered either community property or separate property to be awarded to one partner. However, many people who divorce often make a specific request to keep the family pet.

Parents using medical marijuana regain custody of baby

Parents in New Mexico may want to know of a case involving Child Protective Services taking away an infant daughter in Michigan. On Sept. 13, two parents in Michigan were shocked when CPS continued to take their infant daughter away from them. Child Protective Services workers believed that the parents were possibly exposing their infant daughter to medical marijuana. Both parents were state-approved medical marijuana users, but authorities continued to take the infant daughter into state custody.