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October 2013 Archives

Preparing for divorce mediation

Many New Mexico couples who are contemplating a divorce often consider going through a mediation process but are unsure what to expect. There are some tips that people can keep in mind to help them prepare for and contribute to the success of their first sessions.

Unwed fathers and their parental rights

It is not uncommon for unwed fathers in New Mexico and elsewhere to face challenges when seeking to assert their parental rights. In order to help ensure a consistent relationship with their children in the future, unmarried fathers are advised to learn about the legal issues they may face.

Long-term separations and divorce

While separating can sometimes be easier emotionally for a couple in New Mexico and elsewhere than getting a divorce, it may have several drawbacks. For example, extended separations can result in individuals eventually getting a divorce after alimony laws have changed to their detriment. Alimony reform has been gaining ground in many state legislatures throughout the country, so waiting may preclude a person from receiving the same benefits that they would have been received had divorce been filed for immediately.

Divorce without litigation

Contrary to popular perception, a divorce does not have to be messy. Divorce is rarely an easy process, but often the emotions engendered by the litigation process make the pain more intense. Furthermore, the stress, anger and pain involved in litigation is frequently transferred to children. There are alternate methods of divorcing that could leave the parties in better emotional and financial shape than enduring stressful and costly litigation.