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September 2013 Archives

A grandparent's role in a divorce

As the divorce rate in New Mexico and across the United States remains high, grandparents may find the peace of their retirement years impacted by a rift in their child's family should he or she undergo a divorce. There are a number of ways that grandparents can make this transition as bearable as possible, according to a recent piece on the subject.

Best Buy CEO sells stock due to divorce

Some New Mexico residents may have heard that Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly recent sold more than 350,000 shares of stock valued at approximately $10.4 million. This act may have initially led to some speculation that Joly does not have faith in the future of the company. However, a spokesperson for Joly released a statement that Joly retains a large investment in Best Buy. Best Buy's stock has increased 207 percent over the past year, and Joly is largely credited with the company's recent successes.

The court battle rages on in high-profile child custody case

New Mexico residents may be interested learn of a Native American man who is involved in a child custody case. He is the biological father of a 4-year-old little girl that a South Carolina couple adopted in 2009 when she was just a baby. He surrendered to the Oklahoma authorities on Aug. 12. He is being charged with custodial interference in this custody case, however his attorneys allege that he did not break the law. A judge in Oklahoma will be determining whether he did or not.

Long deployments lead to increased military divorce rate

New Mexico residents with family members in the military may be interested in a study performed by the RAND Corporation. The study looked at the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on service member marriages and divorce rates.