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New Mexico couples try mediation to keep civil during divorce

It's true that some married couples in New Mexico just don't know what to do when trying to discuss custody or other issues involving the children they share. Divorce mediation is recommended by family law experts to avoid situations that are not only annoying to the former spouses, but possibly damaging to the children as well. The rocker Jack White and model Karen Elson were seen as a couple who handled their divorce proceedings well, at least until Elson filed a restraining order against White. The reason she gave was that White was trying to pressure her about the children in a way she didn't appreciate. Now they communicate through email.

If they can happen to rock stars and supermodels, then battles over children between former spouses can happen to just about anyone. Mediation is a tool that allows ideas to be coolly presented in front of a third party. Visitation and custody are typically contentious issues, but school choices or even if the children can be taken out of state on vacation are areas in which mediation can help, according to experts.

Co-parenting is hailed as an extremely beneficial way to raise children after divorce. Many parents, however, can't see eye to eye on issues about the children any more than they could on issues during the marriage. Mediation may be one way to get things negotiated with a minimum of strife.

Even an uncontested divorce might need divorce mediation. A New Mexico attorney with experience in negotiating child support, property division and more may be able to help clients take care of their needs in a marital dissolution. An attorney may also be able to provide or recommend mediation during and after the divorce.

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