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Glock founder ordered to pay alimony by Superior Court

The founder of the Austrian gun company Glock has reportedly been ordered by the highest court to pay alimony to his ex-wife. The couple was married for 49 years before the divorce was finalized and the alimony was ordered. New Mexico spouses may be required to pay alimony to spouses based on a number of factors.

The battle between the Glock couple has been a long one. Two lower courts had originally sided with the husband, who argued that his ex-wife was wealthy in her own right. He also argued that she did not need assistance in order to live. The wife, a stakeholder in the family-owned business, argued that her husband had hidden assets and that portions of his wealth were gained by utilizing trusts and other financial instruments. The Supreme Court sided with her, stating that there was no luxury limit for an alimony award. A lower court will ultimately determine the amount of alimony and the length of time in which it will be paid. This court will have the responsibility of investigating the wealth of the gunmaker as well.

The wife says that her husband underwent a major change after he sustained a stroke in 2008. He reportedly divorced her to marry a woman who is about 50 years younger than he. She is filing a separate lawsuit, trying to get an ownership stake in the gun company after she and her three adult children were removed from their roles within the gun company.

New Mexico family law attorneys may be able to assist spouses who believe that they are entitled to alimony. Awards for alimony depend on a variety of factors, including the assets and incomes of the spouses, the education level of each spouse and the level of need of each spouse.

Source: NPR, "Glock Vs. Glock: Gun Tycoon Loses Alimony Battle", Bill Chappell, August 09, 2013