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August 2013 Archives

New Mexico couples try mediation to keep civil during divorce

It's true that some married couples in New Mexico just don't know what to do when trying to discuss custody or other issues involving the children they share. Divorce mediation is recommended by family law experts to avoid situations that are not only annoying to the former spouses, but possibly damaging to the children as well. The rocker Jack White and model Karen Elson were seen as a couple who handled their divorce proceedings well, at least until Elson filed a restraining order against White. The reason she gave was that White was trying to pressure her about the children in a way she didn't appreciate. Now they communicate through email.

How military benefits may affect divorce

New Mexico veterans that are beginning to prepare for divorce may wonder how military benefits can affect the process. Divorce can be confusing, especially when combined with tax rules, retirement regulations and disability laws. A basic understanding of how these different rules interact may help make the process simpler.

Glock founder ordered to pay alimony by Superior Court

The founder of the Austrian gun company Glock has reportedly been ordered by the highest court to pay alimony to his ex-wife. The couple was married for 49 years before the divorce was finalized and the alimony was ordered. New Mexico spouses may be required to pay alimony to spouses based on a number of factors.

Budgeting after a divorce

New Mexico residents who dissolve their marriage can expect major changes in their lives, especially in regards to their finances. Many people who stayed at home and took care of their family instead of pursuing a career may expect that their ex-spouse will have to pay them alimony, but many states are looking to change the amount and duration of alimony. It's a good idea for those going through or expecting to file for a divorce to make post-divorce financial plans.

New Mexico court rules in child support case

A New Mexico appellate court has ruled on a case involving child support. The ruling states that the child support ordered during a divorce decree or divorce mediation does not have to continue to be paid if a parent's parental rights are terminated. The three judges on the panel voted unanimously for the decision.