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July 2013 Archives

Mediation can help settle divorces more amicably

Mediation is a less expensive and often more effective alternative to litigation for New Mexico couples looking to resolve divorce-related disputes. Many divorce court judges even require couples to attempt mediation before the case will be heard in court. It is important for participants to understand the differences between mediation and arbitration. In mediation, a mediator facilitates the meeting. The mediator has no decision-making power and is there to keep discussions focused on the issues. In arbitration, a third party is appointed who can render a judgment in one party's favor after reviewing the facts.

Former pro wrestling champion struggles with spousal support

Earlier this month on July 3, a judge issued an order to detain former wrestler Ric Flair for failure to make spousal support payments to his estranged wife. He owes her more than $32,000. Failure to pay spousal support is serious and may result in severe penalties. Failure to pay child or spousal support is a recurring issue in New Mexico and nationwide.

Changes in alimony laws sought

New Mexico residents may be aware that several other states are considering making changes to existing alimony laws. Their primary goal is to make permanent alimony a thing of the past. Massachusetts reformed its alimony laws in 2012 while Florida tried to reform its alimony laws recently, but its alimony reform bill was vetoed by the governor. Several other states are considering using special formulas that can determine the specific amount and length of alimony payments.

How to protect your finances from a divorcing bully

Divorce can be difficult for many New Mexico residents, but it can be even harder when one spouse is a bully. In cases of this nature, divorce mediation can be emotionally draining. However, individuals can take a few steps to protect themselves from a spouse who is a bully.