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Walking away from a marriage peacefully

While it may seem that the divorce process has to be long and bitter, it isn't that way for all couples. Some couples can walk away from their marriage on good terms with their former spouse. Couples who want to save time and money may want to consider divorce mediation.

New Mexico readers are likely familiar with racecar driver Danica Patrick. She announced in November that she would be ending her eight-year marriage. In January, Patrick filed for divorce. Earlier this month, the couple's divorce became final.

It appears that the former couple had an amicable split. A prenuptial agreement was reportedly signed prior to their 2005 wedding. Patrick did not request alimony. She noted that her former husband has played a significant role in her life and will continue to be an important figure.

Making the decision to file for divorce is not easy. However, for some people, it is the best decision. No one anticipates that their marriage will end in divorce, but things may come up in the marriage that makes it impossible for a couple to remain together.

Although there are often a lot of issues that need to be resolved during the divorce process, as Danica Patrick's divorce shows, it does not always have to be a drawn out battle between two former spouses. Divorce mediation lets couples resolve their differences with the help of a mediator. People looking to keep their divorce private and couples with children may find mediation to be particularly helpful.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Danica Patrick Divorce: NASCAR Driver's Divorce Is Final," April 26, 2013

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