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May 2013 Archives

Lifetime alimony under fire

It is not uncommon for spousal support to be awarded to an individual in New Mexico if they make less money than their spouse. However, many states are looking to change the way that alimony is calculated and how long an individual is responsible for paying it. As increasing numbers of women are able to forge careers for themselves, it has led to many questioning the need for alimony since both parties should be able to support themselves after a divorce. Still, many stay at home parents feel that alimony is necessary if a marriage dissolves.

More wives pay ex-husbands alimony

New Mexico residents might be interested to hear that the number of wives ordered to pay alimony to their ex-husbands has increased over the years. Traditionally, it was the ex-husbands who paid alimony to their ex-wives as a measure to compensate women for giving up their earning potential to maximize their husbands' potential and care for the household. However, according to studies, 40 percent of wives earn more than their husbands, leaving wives as the ones that pay alimony in the event that they get a divorce.

When Do you Need to Hire a Divorce Litigator?

Albuquerque couples who are going through divorce have many choices. For example, they may consider participating in divorce mediation. Although many couples may consider this tactic in an attempt to reach an amicable decision, divorce attorneys and mediators have compiled a list of situations in which pursuing mediation may not be in their best interests.

Parents advised to think about college savings during divorce

One complicated question that arises during divorce proceedings involving children is how to handle the college savings that have been put aside. New Mexico spouses seeking divorce are often advised to set up a framework for this as part of the divorce settlement to help minimize unexpected conflict later.

Walking away from a marriage peacefully

While it may seem that the divorce process has to be long and bitter, it isn't that way for all couples. Some couples can walk away from their marriage on good terms with their former spouse. Couples who want to save time and money may want to consider divorce mediation.