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Are fewer people pursuing divorce?

People get divorced for a variety of reasons. Choosing to pursue a divorce is a big decision and one that is often made over time.

There are situations in which remaining married seems to be impossible. Despite that, it appears that more people are trying to work through their differences. Divorce rates across the country and in New Mexico have declined in the last few years.

In 2000, the divorce rate in New Mexico was 5.1 percent per 1,000 people. By 2009, the divorce rate declined to 4 percent per 1,000 people. The same trend is being seen in other states. The divorce rate in Texas dropped 0.07 percent from 2000 to 2009. Our neighboring state of Arizona saw a 3.4 percent decline in the divorce rate from 1990 to 2009.

Because every couple's situation is different, it is hard to say exactly what is causing the decline. Some speculate that couple's held off on divorce because of the recession. Others say it may have something to do with the fact that more couples live together before marriage.

No matter the reason for a couple's divorce, the process can be difficult at times. It can be an extremely emotional process. People may also feel uneasy about their future without their spouse by their side.

One way to make the process a little easier is to work through issues with the help of a mediator. Divorce mediation may be an option that couples in New Mexico and beyond want to consider. In addition to it being less expensive, it may be a more efficient process for some couples.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Rates Declining In The U.S." Kevin Chern, April 11, 2013

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