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Actor's divorce appears to be relatively peaceful

Some divorces can be quite tumultuous. Each spouse may try to punish the other by making unreasonable demands. However, not all divorces have to be that way. Some people choose to end their marriage amicably.

That appears to be the case for one actor. New Mexico residents may be familiar with the movie "The Sandlot." One of the stars of the movie is splitting from his wife. They were married in 2000. They separated in 2003, and only recently did the star's wife file for divorce. The pair says they simply haven't taken the time to file the paperwork until now.

Couples in New Mexico and others elsewhere may want to avoid lengthy legal disputes. In order to do that, they may work through their divorce with the help of a mediator. As we've mentioned in previous blog posts, divorce mediation is often less expensive and a more efficient process. It can also be customized for each couple's specific situation. In the end, couples can walk away from their marriage on good terms. This can be particularly beneficial for couples who have children together.

Whether you live in New Mexico or in another city, people usually don't anticipate that they will end up divorced. However, life is full of surprises. Even couples who think they are marrying their soul mate may find that they can no longer remain married. Although divorce is often not a particularly fun experience, couples can choose to move forward with their lives in a more peaceful manner through mediation.

Source: WKBK-AM, "'Squints' from 'The Sandlot' getting divorced," April 9, 2013

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