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Thoughtful decisions should be made throughout the divorce process

Starting a marriage is often a joyful experience. People usually picture spending the rest of their lives with their partner, traveling the world and sharing romantic dinners. However, after some time, many people find that they can't spend the rest of their lives with their partner after all. Sadly, a divorce can be a painful experience, especially when it was prompted by intense feelings of sadness, anger or betrayal.

Some people may want to end their marriage as quickly as possible. They may think that moving forward with their lives in a timely manner will help them endure less painful feelings. However, not taking the time to make thoughtful decisions about property decision matters and other matters related to divorce can be a mistake.

There are also people on the other end of the spectrum. Some people may want to prolong the divorce process by making outlandish demands.

In the end, it may be best to meet somewhere in the middle. People should take the time to be sure they are getting what they need and want as they start their newly single life. Others may need to compromise to avoid prolonging the divorce process.

A lot of times, people need help as they are navigating through a divorce. People may be able to settle their differences through divorce mediation. Mediation is often a good alternative for some couples because it allows people to work through their issues together. Mediation can save people time and money. Best of all, a couple's divorce remains private.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce: Take Time for Emotional Clarity in Decisions," Bari Zell Weinberger, March 19, 2013

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