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At the law firm of Atkinson & Kelsey, we have the experience to handle any type of family law case. We have the experience because we have exclusively focused on family-related legal issues for decades.

Atkinson & Kelsey was the first divorce and family law firm in New Mexico. You can rely on our dedication and focus to help you through any family situation. Contact our family law firm in Albuquerque to schedule a consultation.

New Mexico Divorce Attorneys Focused On Family Law

The most common type of family law case is divorce. Typically, divorce comes with a variety of related matters, including:

Divorce Mediation — Collaborative Law — Relocation And Modification Of Court Orders

Our lawyers are able to handle divorce, no matter what path it requires. We are experienced in using mediation, settlement facilitation and arbitration, as well as collaborative law to reach an amicable or at least a workable resolution. We are also experienced in complex divorce litigation for cases that are too contentious or complex to resolve outside of the courtroom such as high net worth asset cases.

We can represent armed forces personnel and their spouses in military divorce cases.

Our team can also represent you in post-divorce matters such as relocation of the children and modifications to custody or support.

Handling All Family Law Cases · Divorce Attorneys · Paternity Lawyers

Our attorneys can also take on family law cases that fall outside the realm of divorce, including cases involving:

When you choose our Albuquerque law firm to represent you, you can expect us to listen to your concerns. We will get to know you by name and get to know your situation. You will get the personal attention you deserve, and you will get a team of attorneys dedicated to making your case a success.

Let's Discuss Your New Mexico Family Law Case

Our first meeting in a family law case usually lasts a minimum of an hour, and frequently runs longer as we believe and insist on being thorough. We charge a flat fee of $275 for this in-depth consultation, during which we discuss your issues, offer valuable advice and determine how we can assist you.

Is divorce on your horizon? Call the experienced Albuquerque divorce lawyers at Atkinson & Kelsey at 505-796-6238 or contact our law firm online.