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High net worth divorces tend to be more complex and more laborious to complete than divorces between people with more typical assets and income streams. Calculating the value of marital property is an essential phase in preparation for divorce. This is particularly true when a couple's material assets are more valuable than average. Much more is at stake, and a thorough inventory prevents accusations of "hidden assets" that can delay a divorce and make it much more costly.

Assets in a high net worth portfolio are often complicated by their very natures:

  • Business assets may be held in collaboration with business partners. Business division may require complex business valuation.
  • Financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and retirement accounts will bring in income many years in the future; projecting the actual value of such assets may require the help of forensic accountants.
  • Real estate values change with the economy, and may be encumbered by second mortgages or liens.
  • Collectibles may require appraisals by specialists. The actual value of a gun collection, a jewelry collection, a collection of antiques or a collection of sports-related paraphernalia.
  • Musical instruments, show horses, recreational equipment (such as snowmobiles or skis) and other assets of extraordinary value all require appraisals by relevant experts.

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