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It's one thing to obtain a court order stipulating that the other parent of your child will pay child support. This may seem like a major hurdle to overcome as you adjust to life as a single parent — and it is. However, it is another thing altogether to enforce a court order. This provides to be a serious challenge in quite a few cases.

A great many parents fail to pay child support as ordered. Some have allegedly good reasons such as lack of work due to illness or chronic unemployment attributable to the poor economy of an area. Others simply shirk their responsibilities as they pursue their personal lives with greater determination than their parental roles.

Known as "deadbeat" parents, fathers and mothers who do not pay child support according to court orders often leave the "other parents" of their children holding the bag, so to speak. Nonetheless, if they do not obtain court orders lowering their child support obligations, they are still responsible to pay back child support as well as keep current with monthly payments. The state has numerous options for collecting unpaid child support, including wage garnishment.

Child Support Enforcement Lawyer Serving Rio Rancho And New Mexico

If your children's father or mother has not paid child support for a number of months or has paid less than what the court ordered, it is worth your while to discuss your case with an experienced and dedicated family law attorney. At the law offices of Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., we have helped many New Mexico clients bring about enforcement of court orders. As the first and largest law firm in New Mexico dedicated solely to family law, Atkinson & Kelsey is well-equipped to help you, too.

When it's time to get serious about enforcing compliance with divorce decrees, including property division, alimony or child support court orders, it may be time to begin contempt of court proceedings against the deadbeat parent.

Bringing Charges Of Contempt For Child Support Noncompliance

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