Albuquerque Elder Divorce Lawyer

Older married couples get divorced just like people of other ages, but they are likely to have special issues that must be resolved. Among these issues are:

  • What becomes of Social Security and retirement benefits and savings?
  • How will divorce affect government benefits eligibility?
  • What if one partner pays the other's health care costs?
  • What if they are divorcing solely to conserve assets?
  • What if one partner is mentally impaired?

Retirement Division Lawyer For Rio Rancho And Santa Fe

Because older couples have often been together a long time, their portfolio of assets can be quite complex, including real estate, business properties, investments and collectibles, all of which must be located, identified and valued.

New Mexico is both a fault and a no-fault state for divorce. Some of the most cited factors leading to "gray divorce" include physical and emotional abuse, unfaithfulness, emotional distance and strong disagreements on various issues.

Long Marriage Divorce · Patience In Preparation

At Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., we work closely with clients to make sure lists of debts and assets are complete. We understand that it is no small matter to fit a lifetime's worth of possessions into a legal document, and we will work patiently to complete it fully.

Divorce is a new beginning, but it leads to further considerations: changes to one's estate plans, including wills and trusts, and long-term care considerations. We help people contemplating marriage later in life to make prenuptial agreements to get clear understanding of rights and responsibilities in the new relationship. We are also happy to assist later with post-divorce modifications.

At Atkinson & Kelsey, we make our services available to seniors struggling with divorce issues. We invite you to call us and tell us your story.

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