Complex Divorce Litigation

Not all divorces can be resolved amicably. Sometimes, the situation is just too complicated. These complex divorce cases require a more aggressive approach.

They require a trip to court.

At the law firm of Atkinson & Kelsey, we can handle the most intense divorce litigation. As the first and most experienced divorce and family law firm in New Mexico, we have overcome many challenges to obtain positive results for people like you.

Why Do Divorces Go to Court?

Typically, a complex divorce requires litigation for one of two reasons:

Child custody disputes become complex when a unique challenge is thrown in, such as relocation of the children. One spouse wants to remain in New Mexico while the other wants to move outside of New Mexico and take the child along. In this situation, one spouse runs the risk of never seeing their child again. These are the types of challenges that our lawyers take pride in overcoming.

Asset division disputes most frequently become complicated when they involve ownership of businesses, such as ranches or farms. Often, large amounts of money and property are involved. Regardless of how combative a case becomes, our attorneys take pride in being able to find a way to reach an outcome that meets your needs.

These are just a few examples of how a complex divorce can lead to litigation. While they are common, we have also taken on many one-of-a-kind disputes over the decades that we have been devoted to family law.

We know the courtroom. Our team is committed to building strong cases with convincing arguments to present to the court. We have a long history of getting positive results in even the most challenging and complex divorce litigation.

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