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The amount of child support that you can expect to pay or receive in a divorce or separation situation will most likely be based on New Mexico child support guidelines. The child support guidelines help determine an appropriate percentage of a parent's gross monthly salary that will become child support.

Beyond The New Mexico Child Support Guidelines: What Does Your Child Need?

In addition to plugging numbers into a formula, however, parents deserve a chance at a fair split of expenses devoted to children's well-being. In addition to income and expenses, there are additional questions that demand answers: Who will provide health insurance? Who will pay for medical expenses over and above insurance benefits? What about private school tuition, summer camp fees, music lessons, organized sports fees, child care costs and special needs such as tutoring or therapy? The entire subject of child support in its fullest sense goes beyond a formula in many cases.

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Parents need reliable legal advice as they are approaching divorce or in the process of determining how to divide responsibilities for caring for a child after a separation. Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., can provide the answers and guidance that you are seeking regarding a New Mexico child support. Our law firm is the oldest and the largest in the state devoted solely to the practice of family law. We are prepared to help ensure that you pay or receive a fair percentage of your or the other parent's income in child support. We have helped many divorcing, divorced and separated parents craft workable solutions for financial aspects of parenthood, meeting challenges such as:

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