Child Custody and Visitation

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Few family law issues are more emotionally charged than those involving child custody and parental time-sharing.

The Albuquerque family law firm of Atkinson & Kelsey has focused its law practice on family law disputes over issues like child custody since opening its doors in 1967. We are the largest Albuquerque law firm to focus exclusively on representing husbands, wives and parents in family law disputes.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in child custody, visitation and time-sharing matters, and we can provide counsel and representation in any child custody issue that may arise. We are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and promoting the best interests of their children.

Developing an Acceptable Child Custody and Parenting Time Agreement

Often, developing a workable child custody solution requires parents to think about their child's long-term best interests in ways they may be unfamiliar with in order to understand what is truly best for the child. We work closely with our clients to achieve workable, cooperative time-sharing and custody agreements that provide healthy living and learning environments for the children while protecting the rights and interests of the parents. When necessary, we enlist the help of child development specialists and mental health professionals to assist in this process. This may be especially important in child custody disputes, which tend to put tremendous emotional strain on the children at the center of the disagreements.

Modification of Existing Child Custody and Time-Sharing Agreements or Orders

Time-sharing agreements relating to child custody are established at the time of the divorce but, as children grow and parents' lives change, these agreements may need to be reassessed. Modifications of time-sharing agreements are always possible, and they may be contested or uncontested just as the original divorce was. If, for example, one parent wants to move out of state with the child, we can provide legal counsel and assistance to either parent in a negotiation over changing the time-sharing plan or a court hearing to block the planned relocation.

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We handle every family law matter using the appropriate legal tools, including counseling, mediation, collaborative law, and litigation. Our litigation practice includes appellate practice.

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